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A new era is upon us (…me)

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With this post is born this new website, hopefully, home to my portfolio for many years to come. And who knows a spectacle to how many eyes? perhaps from lands far? Perhaps not. A part of me is excited, as always, when finishing a project. Maybe this marks a new beginning? Or maybe it means nothing at all. Ah, the excitement of the unknown; “What will become of what I have just created?”¬†Time may tell.

I shall (again, hopefully) be using this blog section to write longer rants, thoughts, perhaps process and progress shots, behind the scenes, and anything else that I may find interesting or worth sharing. If you wish to follow my daily artistic exploration and occasional enlightenment, a quick search will lead you to my tumblr, or maybe even a few sketchbook forums I might be active on.

With that, I say goodbye. Thank you for your interest.

P.S. There’s an annoying glitch where I can’t put an image at the top of the menu, it only happens on blog post pages, though. I suppose I’ll have to live with it.

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