I'm Daniel! An Illustrator and concept artist! Please contact me at:


About me


I’m Daniel, an Illustrator and Concept artist from London, UK. I started my journey working as a graphic/web designer at the age of 14, freelancing while at school, and later going on to work at ad agencies. As time went on my passion for drawing became too big to ignore, and eventually consumed me, thrusting me into the world of illustration that I am so happy to work in today.


2013 – 2014 / London Fine Arts atelier studies.
2015 / Mentorship with Mike Lim (Daarken).
2016 – on going / Freelance Illustrator and Concept artist


  • Monumental (Mythgard)
  • Dire Wolf Digital (Eternal)
  • Cryptozoic (Katmandu: Age of Artifacts)
  • The Design Mechanism (Mythras)
  • Good Luck Games (Storybook Brawl)
  • Legendary Games
  • Fearsome Foes
  • Many independant/private clients